Face mask

  • $15.00

Detox Charcoal
The ultimate detox mask! Bentonite Clay & activated charcoal draws out toxins from skin and clears acne while turmeric and hibiscus flower brighten and nourish skin.

Vitamin Sea
This mask will brighten and tighten your skin loaded with dead sea salt that has over 400 trace minerals and loaded with vitamin C keeping your skin clear and full of sunshine!

Green Tea Coconut
This amazing moisturizing face mask loaded with antioxidant properties that not only help with acne but also inflammation. Perfect after a long weekend.

Rose Clay
This amazing mask will leave you looking glowing, radiant, and youthful. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins protecting skin from free radicals.

Tumeric Honey Mask
This Brightening honey mask will gently cleanse your skin while helping remove blemishes and dark spots with the powerful citrus properties from the combination of lemon and turmeric.

DIY dry mask. Add water to small amount of dry mask. Leave on face for 30 minuets or so. Can also apply a light layer to skin and leave on overnight to target oily zones, blackhead or acne. 

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