Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Q: Do you really make everything by hand?

A: Yes! Here at Ursie's Apothecary everything we sell is made using all natural and organic ingredients. We make all products here at the store. We have a dedicated beauty laboratory upstairs where each product is hand poured with love. We do not use any pre-made bases or chemicals, everything is made 100% and absolutely from scratch.


Q: Are you a vegan line?

A: For the most part. The majority of our products are plant based and vegan like our hand balms, body butter, body scrubs, face scrubs & face masks. The honey mask contains local honey that comes straight from the beehive and is harvested in an ethical manner. And all beeswax is organic. 


Q: Why is it so important to support natural products?

A: It is important for your personal health and the health of the lovely planet we live on. Chemicals and artificial colors which are sometimes used in manufactured products can cause redness and irritation and the mass use of chemicals also take its toll on the Earth. We do not use polyethylene, a plastic substance used in numerous beauty products, which has been known to gather in natural bodies of water which causes water pollution and are also being eaten by wildlife. We also do not use preservatives, such as BHA or BHT, which are not only hormone disruptors but has a tendency to bio-accumulate and is toxic to aquatic life 


Q: So what exactly are phthalates?

A: Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are chemicals that have been linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity and cancer. They can be found in commercial beauty products across the United States however, they are banned in Europe. When it accumulates in the environment it is toxic to aquatic life and has been known to cause problems in fish behavior and development.


Q: What do you mean by cruelty-free?

A: We do not test on animals at all, whatsoever. All of our products have been "tested on friends, not animals". By buying products not tested on animals you are taking an important step in the movement to stop animal cruelty in beauty products. 


Q: How did you get started in making natural beauty products?

A: Since I was a child I always loved making face masks and hair masks with fresh food from the kitchen. In adulthood I started making lip butters with essential oils as a hobby and really got hooked in organic skincare and the rest is history!


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